Fuso Trucks

Mitsubishi Fuso delivery trucks are dependable, earning their reputation for reliability in demanding applications such as refrigerated transport, towing or beverage delivery.

Fuso truck

Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are also versatile & accommodating many unique body styles including service and enclosed bodies for contractors, plumbers or electricians. Their diesel engines and transmissions are proven over millions of trouble-free miles, with day-to-day economy that makes them ideal delivery trucks.

They’re easy to drive, too; whether over-the-road as general delivery trucks or off-road, where 4-wheel drive is essential to landscaping customers and utility companies. All Mitsubishi Fuso trucks feature roomy, comfortable cabs, well-positioned gauges and controls, tilt/telescoping steering wheels and responsive handling that deliver excellent maneuverability in tight space situations such as tow trucks and vehicle recovery. Plus, many features that can help keep drivers more alert and more productive.

Year after year, Mitsubishi Fuso medium duty trucks are highly ranked in customer satisfaction surveys. So is our nationwide network of dealers. From sales, parts and service to leasing, warranty coverage and trade-in they work continually to exceed customer expectations.

Durability and safety are two more Mitsubishi Fuso hallmarks. Our rugged ladder-style steel frames have been further improved to facilitate faster body installation. New suspension systems promise more miles of comfort, reliability and payload capacity. Cabs feature collapsible steering columns, side door crush bars and 40% better visibility than conventional trucks.

Fuso truck
Fuso truck
Bottom line, no matter what business you’re in, there’s a Mitsubishi Fuso commercial truck precisely engineered for the task you have in mind, and a dedicated dealership standing behind you. Compare Mitsubishi Fuso commercial trucks to other medium duty cabovers. We believe you’ll agree, we engineer the right trucks for the job.

Located in Long Island, Capo Brothers serves the used Mitsubishi Fuso truck needs of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.